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Grill Shak

Grill Shak Level Up Subscription

Grill Shak Level Up Subscription

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The Grill Shak Level Up Subscription

Get ready to ignite your grilling journey with the Grill Shak Level Up Subscription! It's a flavor-packed odyssey delivered monthly, straight to your doorstep. Over four thrilling months, you'll amass an arsenal of the finest grilling tools, explore mouth-watering recipes, and master the grill with our exclusive video guides. Here’s the lowdown on how you'll transform your backyard BBQ into the stuff of legend.

How it works

Sign Up for the Sizzle: Lock in your subscription and prepare for a monthly dose of BBQ brilliance. Your grill is about to get a serious upgrade!

Unbox the Magic: Each month, a new treasure trove of tools will arrive, carefully curated to elevate your grill and smoke game to new heights.

Recipe Quest: In every box, discover a Grill Shak-chosen recipe designed to challenge and delight your taste buds.

Video Mastery: Alongside each recipe, you’ll gain access to a series of expert videos, and your personal grill guild, ready to guide you through each smoky quest.

Your 4-Month Grill Shak Journey

Month 1: The Precision Pioneer
Thermometer Essentials Package

Your path begins with the Thermometer Essentials Package, arming you with the precision tools to cook with confidence.

  • What's Included: GrillSpyk Thermometer Set
  • Recipe Reveal: The Perfect Steak.
  • Video Tutorial: Our grill maestros will guide you in the fine art of temperature reading, ensuring your steak is grilled to personalized perfection.

Month 2: The Grilling Gladiator
Grilling Basics Package

As you march into month two, the Grilling Basics Package lands in your coliseum. From tongs to spatulas, you’re now equipped for battle.

Month 3: The Smokin' Sentinel
BBQ Basics Package

The smoke signals rise in the third month with your BBQ Basics Package. Don the apron, wield the claws, and sprinkle that Spicy Dust.

Month 4: The BBQ Connoisseur
BBQ Advanced Package

Culminate your journey with the BBQ Advanced Package. It's time to baste, inject, and carve your way to BBQ stardom.

With every box and every flame-licked feast, you’ll climb the ranks from keen griller to smoky sovereign. So fire up your pits and ready your spatulas—the Grill Shak Level Up Subscription is your ticket to BBQ immortality!

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