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Big Dad's Spicy Dust 13 oz

Big Dad's Spicy Dust 13 oz

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Strap in for a roller coaster ride of flavor with Big Dad's Spicy Dust! This blend isn't just spicy; it's a firework show in a bottle. With MSG for that umami oomph, salt and pepper shaking things up, and a garlicky groove - the life of the party. But wait, there's more! A blast of paprika and a wave of cayenne heat? Your mouth will be booking a one-way ticket to Flavortown with every bite. 

Bring the Heat To: Pork, chicken thighs, wings, brisket, and any veggie that dares to dance with the flame.

Size: A fiery 13 oz.

Packaging: Housed in a 15 oz PET bottle that's as bold and daring as the seasoning inside.

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