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GrillSpyk Thermometer Set

GrillSpyk Thermometer Set

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The GrillSpyk Wireless Thermometer and Instant-Read Thermometer are sold in a set with a storage case.

Instant-Read Thermometer

It's a race against the heat, and this thermometer is your turbo-charged pit-crew chief. The most important grilling accessory you should own! Get readings in a flash and never overcook another steak. It's your secret weapon for perfect grilling every time. 

This instant-read thermometer has a temperature range from -58 F to 572 F. A great pitmaster knows that you cook to temperature, not time. It folds for easy storage, and also has an alarm feature. You can set a target temperature and it gives you an alarm if your meat is done!

GrillSpyk Wireless Thermometer

GrillSpyk is your vigilant BBQ sentinel, keeping tabs on your grill temps while you chill. Rechargeable and robust, it's the high-tech herald of perfect grilling outcomes.

Tired of your wireless thermometer constantly dropping signal? Having one of the strongest Bluetooth signals available, the GrillSpyk allows you to monitor both the ambient temperature of your grill as well as the internal temperature of the meat from the comfort of your house. With our easy-to-use app, you can keep track while you relax.

For our serious pitmasters, you can monitor your pit while you sleep during an overnight cook. The app will sound an alarm once you've hit your target temperature letting you know itÕs time for the next phase.

The GrillSpyk is full of features too. With the GrillSpyk there's no more changing batteries; the GrillSpyk is rechargeable. The probe lasts up to 36 hours per charge and the battery in the base lasts up to 2 months per charge. With a meat temperature range of 14 F to 212 F and an grill temperature range of -58 F to 572 F, the GrillSpyk is ready to be your grilling companion for perfect meat!

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