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Grill Shak

Big Dad's Grill Dust 13.5 oz

Big Dad's Grill Dust 13.5 oz

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Get ready to rock your taste buds with the all-star lineup of flavors in Big Dad's Grill Dust! This isn't your average sprinkle. Oh no, this is the Michael Jordan of meat magic, the Pavarotti of the vegetable opera. Packed with MSG that plays bass for depth, pepper and salt on lead guitar for that rockin' flavor, and a hit of garlic on vocals, it's the headlining act for your grill! Trust us, a dash of Grill Dust, and your food is going from garage band to sold-out stadium tour. 

Crown Your Food: Beef, chicken breasts, or veggies - you name it, Grill Dust reigns supreme. 

Size: A show-stopping 13.5 oz.

Packaging: Comes in a 15 oz PET bottle, 'cause even seasoning deserves the VIP treatment.

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