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Big Dad's Sweet Heat 13 oz

Big Dad's Sweet Heat 13 oz

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Take a walk on the wild side of flavor with Big Dad's Sweet Heat! Imagine a world where sweetness and spiciness live in harmony. That's Sweet Heat. It's like if sugar and spice went on a blind date and hit it off like old pals. MSG is the secret handshake of depth, salt and pepper are the dynamic duo for savory goodness, and garlic is the wink across the table. Then, here comes paprika and cayenne, spicing up the night, while turbinado sugar whispers sweet nothings to your taste buds. 

Perfect Match For: Any pork, chicken thighs and wings, brisket, and veggies that want to sweet-talk the grill.

Size: A luscious 13 oz.

Packaging: Snuggled in a 15 oz PET bottle, because the best love stories come in great packages.

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